How to Use WA on a Computer or Laptop Is Easy

Whatsapp web or WA web is a web page provided for whats app users who want to use a computer or laptop. That means, you can use WA with your laptop or pc.

With the WA web application, you can freely chat, send files and so on. With a very broad look of course. Well this is certainly an interesting feature that you can take advantage of.

Wa web in actual display is almost the same, only different from the screen size side. In addition, you can flexibly manage work when you are working using a PC or laptop.

To use WA web, you do not need to install the application on your PC or laptop. Simply by opening the WA web link, you can already use it.

In order for you to use the WA web, here are some necessary conditions.

  • Your smartphone device already uses a new system such as Android, IOs or Wndows phone
  • Your phone has a rear camera to perform QR codes.
  • Your mobile phone connection and laptop PC connection are stable
  • Have an account that you’ve used before

Here you please follow the way below to enjoy the ease of access to WA web on your laptop or computer.

1. Open Whatsapp Web via your PC or laptop

First make sure that your laptop or computer is well connected to the internet network. Try to use a stable network to make it easier to setup.

Please go to the page. Then you will see a QR Code image on your laptop screen.

Whatsapp web view

2. Then Open Whatsapp On Your Phone as usual

Your phone must also be connected to the internet. Follow the steps below to continue.

Run WA on your phone as usual. Then select point 3 at the top right, then search and select WhatsApp Web posts. For more details, please look at the picture below.

How to Use WhatsApp on Your Computer

Oh yes don’t forget the network connection on your phone must also be stable to make it easier for you to setup. It’s not hard. Just follow the steps described.

If the above steps are followed correctly, then the appearance of Whatsapp on your phone will be like the picture below.

Well then point the rear camera of your phone to the QR code that appears on your computer screen or laptop earlier.

Setup Whatsapp Web

How? It’s easy enough, isn’t it?

Furthermore, you can use WhatsApp through your PC in accordance with the message message on your phone.

There are actually many other ways that you can use, but the simplest way is the way above. This method is officially issued by Whatsapp itself.


After you finish using Whatsapp web, then the next step please log out so as not to be used by others. Especially if you’re using your friend’s PC or laptop.

Next way? Here’s how

In addition to the above way there is the next way that is to install the application on your pc. The way is for your pc to be used like your phone.

By using this application, you actually not only install WA, but you can run a variety of applications on the Android Playstore from Google.

Well for how please follow the steps below.

  1. Make sure your internet connection is stable and fast and the specifications are enough to use this application.
  2. Please download the Bluestack app on the official website. Next you install it as usual on your pc.
  3. Well if the installation is complete, then you can run the bluestack.
  4. Please install the application through playstore for example Whatsapp.

Yes right, by installing the application, you can use your Android phone on your laptop. So you are free to use any application such as HP.

How? Easy isn’t it?

Which is better?

The first way is an easier and easier step. After all, the method is official directly from Whatsapp, you also do not need to have a computer or laptop with high specs.

Simply by opening the browser alone you can already use Whatsapp through your computer or laptop.

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That’s how to use Whatsapp on a computer or laptop. If there are any questions or are not clear, please post in the comments field below. Greetings to success always.

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