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Based locally, will help you run your projects more cost-effectively and efficiently. Renovating your property creates the feeling of living in a new home on a far lower budget, and without all the known hassle associated with moving.

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A home renovation can increase your property’s market value in your city, . For example, altering the existing layout can add bedrooms, an en-suite bathroom, a larger kitchen or living space. This makes for a better living space  and a more attractive property for  potential buyers. Even if you are planning to rent out, a house renovation can allow a higher weekly rate.

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Creating Inspiring Spaces

We believe everyone deserves an inspiring environment, whether you’re a school looking to refurbish your classrooms or a business looking to upgrade your offices, we will create inspiring environments to promote wellbeing, happiness and success..

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30 world-famous buildings to inspire

Anyone with a creative bone in their body cannot fail to be inspired by famous buildings. Outstanding architecture, stunning location and clever use of materials all contribute to what makes famous buildings such influences on creativity...

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Two Manifolds / Nuno Pimenta


Sacromonte Landscape Hotel Shelters / MAPA


Hug & Link / Edam Architecture


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Small and mid-size companies often have trouble finding suitable office space in Amsterdam. The creative industry has seemingly unrealistic demands when it comes to office locations: an incubator of ideas, which is spacious and inspiring, with a unique design at a great location with car access.

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