Artificial intelligence seems to be the future. But that might not be the future most people want to live in. Robotics and artificial intelligence are starting to take shape in ways no one thought possible. Scientists are creating humanoid-looking robots that can hold full conversations, express emotions, and now ones that make convincing creepy human faces. Engineered Robotics in the UK has further refined its humanoid Ameka to include some precise facial expressions that could signify the rise of the machines. These new facial expressions were shared with the world in the company’s new video.

The humanoid Ameka is eerily human-like. Engineered said their new humanoid robot has 12 new actuators, meaning it can eventually use all expressive capabilities. We’re not sure how many expressions humans have, but Ameka the robot shows off some impressive and creepy facial expressions, says “Giant Freakin Robot.” The video shows the humanoid going through states of being shocked, laughing, winking and even getting angry. Don’t most sci-fi stories about artificial intelligence show precisely that the rise of the machines will involve robots capable of imitating humans in every way? Apparently, these scientists are no strangers to the “Terminator” series.

Engineered showed off their new humanoid robot at CES in Las Vegas, which is one of the world’s largest tech trade shows. The company began to gain massive notoriety for its “most advanced humanoid robot”. Director of Operations Morgan Rowe even compared the creation of this robot to those in movies like Artificial Intelligence and I Robot. However, this can be misleading. These robots actually tried to kill everyone after being controlled by a central mind. Still, this Ameka humanoid is pretty impressive. Scary but impressive.
Rowe also said that Ameka is slated to be used in the service industry and is unlikely to mix with humans for another 10 to 20 years.

We’ll have to wait and see where AI and robotics advances , but whoever makes these robots should remember to install a safeguard in case these machines become self-aware.

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