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Force Marketing helps your dealership sell more cars with targeted direct mail & digital marketing campaigns. On this blog Learn about what’s going in the automotive industry from a digital and direct mail marketing perspective.

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Discover how to use our Turbo Automotive Digital Marketing Video Solutions to generate more leads and immediately increase the sales of your dealership!

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Keep up with automotive marketing trends

Are you wondering how to follow the growth trend in the automotive industry and accelerate it from your dealership? The recommendation is to take advantage of the new consumption habits, but above all, to focus on the new normality.

Before, in automotive marketing , digitization was one more alternative to empower dealers. Now that consumer habits and ways of accessing products have changed, digital transformation is not an option, but the path . For this reason, in this article we are going to tell you how the sector is transforming and how to take advantage of it with the digitization of automotive marketing.

Online reviews do matter

In the research process, users are guided by multiple sources. Of course, the dealership’s website will be among the first pieces of content you’ll see, but it won’t stop there.

At this stage, customer reviews are key to help them with their decision making. Thus, the car buyer will read reviews on various channels, mainly those that people have left on Google or YouTube. He will also look for reviews specific to the car model you are interested in buying.

For this reason, it can be an interesting strategy to include a section with comments from clients who have bought from your agency on your website. This will give authority to your business and will serve to work on its online reputation .

Have a well-structured landing page
A landing page or landing page is a web page designed for conversion . This, many times, appears as a welcome page, either because the user clicked on an ad or because he got there through the agency’s networks. Therefore it is important that it is well optimized.

Some elements that you can include so that the user achieves the objective are:


    • Concise titles and subtitles.

    • Offer or clear value proposition.

    • Respond to customer needs, so you should focus on the benefits of the product or service.

    • Use clear language.

    • Use powerful images.

    • Include conversational software to encourage interaction and for the user to provide their data.

    • Include calls to action (CTA).

    • For example, if it is a landing page to schedule an appointment at the dealership, you can directly explain the time the user saves by providing their data and getting an appointment on a stipulated date and time.

You can enhance the landing by integrating tools such as the chatbot . This makes the page go from being a static and distant element, to a conversational, dynamic and close point of contact.

On the other hand, it offers another key advantage: immediacy. The faster the user gets a response, the less likely they are to go to your competitor’s agency.

With all these elements on your landing page, you will be able to increase your contact base and create communication flows to send relevant content on a regular basis . All this, without a doubt, will contribute to getting more conversions. 🙌

Establishing an online presence with automotive marketing

How do users get to a dealership? A few years ago, the most common thing was for people to go to an agency to see the available vehicles and start analyzing alternatives.

Today, that is part of the past. The customer journey begins online . According to a study by Australian market research consultancy Aca Research, the automotive customer journey typically lasts 5-12 weeks.

Within that period, users perform the following route:

They make a list of vehicles and brands that interest them, for which they turn to the Internet.
They preselect the models that fit their needs, researching all available channels: Google searches, social networks, Ads, videos.
They make online inquiries in the agencies that have those models that interest them and offer financing plans according to their budget.
Make an appointment at the dealership, usually to see the model and take a test drive.
They choose the vehicle and the financing plan.
They proceed to the purchase of the car.
chatbot_marketing _automotive
As we can see, much of the process of buying a vehicle happens online. That is why having an internet presence should be the first thing to work on in automotive marketing.

As people rely more and more on online search engines to get to the cars they’re interested in, dealers need to start migrating from traditional or more current advertising channels. This implies consolidating the presence on the Internet, prioritizing the user experience .

To be truly competitive in automotive marketing and establish new car sales strategies, having an optimized website or landing page is a must .

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Alternatives to visiting the dealer

For users, it is key to be able to have an online shopping experience as close as in person . In this sense, content that brings consumers closer to this kind of experience is increasingly relevant. 

Some alternatives are: 


    • Car overview videos.

    • Interior descriptions.

    • Video vehicle tours.

    • Detailed reviews.

    • Virtual reality and videoconference driving tests, among others.

    • Online exhibits. 

Car shows are very common events within the automotive marketing industry and allow users to learn about new models for sale. Now, these events can be held online and with remarkable success . 

That is the case with Hyundai. In early March, the brand presented Elantra 2021 through a live broadcast. Thanks to the video content, he was able to capture the interest of the viewers who were watching the presentation from their homes . The live stream and tour video amassed nearly 800,000 views.

Managing leads for dealers

Buying a car is a longer process than other products. The level of commitment that this kind of acquisition generates for the buyer, precisely due to the investment involved, makes the decision more thoughtful. Therefore, each point of contact with users counts.

Automotive marketing must pay attention to potential customers who do not complete their purchase in a short period of time, but rather need more time to decide . To take advantage of this flow of customers who are still considering buying or not, it is necessary to manage leads and give rise to email marketing .

The communication sequences that constitute lead nurturing are very common in digital marketing , and have much to contribute to the automotive industry.

Indeed, they can help sales teams to capitalize on those potential customers who, without these efforts, might disperse and end up buying from the competition.

Some practices to consider:


    • Create a list of contacts to put together campaigns or newsletters and send them to potential buyers. 

    • Segment the prospects, so the sales teams can work on that basic information, capitalizing on the entire flow of potential customers.

    • Using CRM software, this allows you to implement lead management efficiently. A Since you can gather all the information of your contacts and automate processes.

At iamitmm we integrate with the Pilot and Tecnom CRMs natively and with Pipedrive and Dynamics CRM through Zapier.

By using our platform you can also integrate email marketing tools like Mailchimp, Sendinblue and Active Campaign. We recommend integration with this type of tool since, for example, it will allow you to track the leads generated through Cliengo.

Sparking real conversations with marketing automation

Marketing automation is currently a popular trend that involves automating marketing activities. One of the key tools used in this approach is chatbots, which are software designed to automate user interactions and enhance conversational experiences by generating real-time conversations with customers.


In the automotive industry, chatbots can be used to streamline conversations and provide immediate responses to potential customer inquiries. This enables interactions to occur at the user’s preferred time and from their preferred device, eliminating the need for tedious forms and saving time. Users who interact with brands online often seek agility, and chatbots offer a quick response to meet this demand.


Implementing a chatbot on WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business can provide an additional customer service and sales channel, allowing dealerships to automate conversations and increase business opportunities. An alternative option is the Cliengo WhatsApp widget, which can be added to a website, enabling users to complete a small form with their data. This data is then saved in the CRM, providing a detailed record of the user’s query.

Leveraging social networks to sell more

According to Digesit, at least 54% of users use social networks to research products and services that they are going to acquire. The potential of this channel to improve the conversion rate is indisputable. 

Social media has enormous relevance in automotive marketing, as it allows dealers to connect with their potential customers through quality content . 

Facebook and Instagram are the platforms that currently lead the segment by number of users and time of use. Therefore, they are a great bet for brands that want to use them to boost their results. 

The important thing is to determine which platforms are suitable for the current objectives of your agency. You don’t need to be in all of them, but in the right ones for your business. 

At iamitmm we offer you the opportunity to incorporate Facebook chatbot and Instagram chatbot to be able to generate more and better conversations with your audience wherever you decide to have a presence. 


The benefits of digitizing automotive marketing are plain to see. Increasing brand visibility, getting new customers and capitalizing on investment in marketing actions are just some of them.  

If you want to start building a digital marketing strategy for your 100% omnichannel dealership, schedule a meeting with iamitmm and boost your business.

An auto dealer marketing agency specializes in providing marketing services and strategies for automotive dealerships. These agencies work to increase a dealership’s brand visibility and reach, generate leads, and ultimately drive sales.

Auto dealer marketing agencies typically offer a range of services, including website design and development, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, video marketing, and reputation management.

The agency’s goal is to help the dealership establish a strong online presence, attract more qualified leads, and convert them into customers. By leveraging various marketing tactics and technologies, an auto dealer marketing agency can help a dealership gain a competitive advantage in their local market and achieve long-term success.


The profitability that can be achieved after working with an auto dealer marketing agency can vary depending on several factors, such as the specific goals of the dealership, the effectiveness of the marketing strategies implemented, and the competitiveness of the local market.

However, a well-executed marketing strategy can have a significant impact on a dealership’s profitability. By increasing brand awareness and visibility, generating more qualified leads, and improving customer engagement and retention, a dealership can increase its sales and revenue over time.

Moreover, an auto dealer marketing agency can help optimize a dealership’s marketing budget by identifying the most effective channels and tactics to reach their target audience. This can lead to a better return on investment (ROI) and lower cost-per-lead (CPL) over time.

Overall, the profitability that can be achieved after working with an auto dealer marketing agency can vary, but the potential benefits of a well-executed marketing strategy can be significant for automotive dealerships looking to improve their business results.