Technology has been advancing at breakneck speed, making it possible to do amazing things with a computer or smartphone. In the area of design is no different. If in the old day it was necessary to be an expert and acquire complex software, this is no longer the case. Several tools are available for creating layouts, many of them for free. Added to this is the fact that it is not necessary to install any program sands on your computer in many cases. Several online design tools can be used directly in the internet browser. If you’re looking for a way to make your own layouts, here are 8 free online design tools to use right now. With them, it is possible to create arts on your own for various purposes: website, social networks, and even graphic materials for printing.

Online design tool: what to look for Before you start it is important to keep in mind the result you want to get. If you’re looking, for example, to create artwork for Instagram, some tools may be more suitable than others. Several templates offer ready to be edited, already in the measures used by social networks. This type of feature can serve both for inspiration, since it suggests models, as well as to speed up the work, since it eliminates the need to have to discover the image format used by a given platform.
This logic applies to any type of material you want to produce: logos, business cards, labels, and other printed materials. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you keep in mind the materials you need to produce before choosing the platform.
Another important point concerns the possible cost of the tool. We will list here services that can be used for free. However, they all have paid versions that offer extra features. What happens in practice is that the level of free services has limitations in relation to paid plans. This does not mean that you cannot use the free tier, but it is good to be aware of what limitations the service in question offers in this modality.

Best online design tools Now that you know what to look for, let’s learn about the best online design tools in the opinion of our team.


Canva is one of today’s best-known online design tools. Its success is due to several reasons. It features an incredible variety of ready-to-be-edited templates, a good free image bank and is extremely easy to use. In addition, Canva serves a wide range of purposes: it is possible to assemble presentations, make posters, images for social networks,office supplies and even videos. Canva’s free mode offers:
+250,000 templates; +100 types of ready-made layouts; Thousands of photos and graphics; Team members and real-time collaboration; 5 GB of storage.


Desygner is as robust a tool as Canva —maybe even a little more. It offers a wide variety of free templates and templates, including image and icon banking. Differentials include the possibility to import and edit files in PDF format and a printing service that allows you to receive your layouts at home. By signing one of the paid plans the possibilities are expanded with shutterstock’s collection, which includes more than 125 million images and vectors.
The free Desygner platform plan includes:
Thousands of templates;
Millions of images and graphics;
More than 300 types of ready-made layouts;
Import and editing of up to 10 PDF pages;
Printing materials to receive at home (printing service charged separately).

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a tool created by the giant Adobe — the same that produces famous software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere, among others. From the company’s fame, we can imagine that its online design tool is powerful —and indeed it is. However, most features are only available in paid plans, such as removing the Adobe brand in layouts. Still, the free mode allows you to access a good amount of ready-made templates, images and other graphics features. The editing platform is intuitive and easy to operate (we couldn’t expect less from Adobe).

Adobe Spark includes:
Thousands of ready-made models;
Creative Commons image and search database;
Thousands of icons;
Thousands of graphics (design assets).

It is worth mentioning that Adobe Spark is provided free of charge to Adobe Creative Cloud (Adobe CC) plan subscribers.

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