The Best Email Hosting Providers of 2022

Email is still the ultimate connection point between companies and their customers. 89% of businesses say they use email as their primary channel for getting leads, and 72% of consumers say they prefer to use email as their primary channel of brand communication . Email is also a crucial part of running a successful business, providing an easy way (more…)

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The best free programs to edit music, audio and sound on Mac, Linux or Windows (2022) What programs can you use to edit audio and music on Mac, Linux, Android or Windows in 2022 (mp3, wav…)? What is the best program to edit sound and trim songs? If you want a software to edit mp3, wav or any other (more…)

The best torrent programs: Top clients to download torrents in 2022

Do you want to know which are the best programs and clients to download torrent in 2022? What are some of the most popular torrent programs for Windows, Mac and Linux ? I am going to recommend a few torrent clients to be able to download all kinds of files safely and quickly. They are perfect programs for all operating (more…)

Top 4 Free Alternatives to Photoshop (2022) for Mac, Windows, and Linux

Don’t have enough funds to get a Photoshop license? Want to know what are the best free alternatives to Photoshop in 2022? No problem, I’m going to tell you what are the best photo editing programs to replace this venerable app on Mac, Windows and Linux. Many are really similar. If you are looking for a (more…)

How to Use WA on a Computer or Laptop Is Easy

Whatsapp web or WA web is a web page provided for whats app users who want to use a computer or laptop. That means, you can use WA with your laptop or pc. With the WA web application, you can freely chat, send files and so on. With a very broad look of course. Well (more…)

6 Ways Google Chrome Can Be Light and Fast to Save RAM

For those of you who like to browse must be very familiar with this one browser, namely the Google Chrome browser. Google Chrome is a world-famous browser. Almost everyone uses this browser. Why? Because in addition to being light and fast, Google Chrome browser has very high security when compared to other browsers. Not to (more…)

7 Android Video Editing Apps Without Watermarks are Free

There are many circulating video editing apps in the Playstore, but you haven’t found the right one for free without watermarks? Because the application that is said to be free sometimes there are those who give trials first, right? Meanwhile, to get rid of the watermark on the app that is said to be free, (more…)

How to Warm Up a Cold Email List and Increase Your Conversion

If you are researching or are curious to know how to warm up a cold email list , it is because you have probably already been, are going through or are afraid of going through the following scenario… You invest time and energy creating a rich quality material, an ebook, for example… Create landing pages (more…)

8 Free and online design tools to use on your website

Technology has been advancing at breakneck speed, making it possible to do amazing things with a computer or smartphone. In the area of design is no different. If in the old day it was necessary to be an expert and acquire complex software, this is no longer the case. Several tools are available for creating (more…)