It can be very difficult to know who to trust in the SEO industry. A lot of companies claim to provide strong rankings, but simply do not deliver on their promises.

So, how can you tell that a company provides a legitimate service that produces online results?

There are a number of things you should be looking for when trying to find an SEO firm to provide internet marketing for your website:

1. Testimonials – Look for a strong seo testimonial from a client of the SEO firm. If a testimonial isn’t there, then do not use the company.

2. Twitter & Facebook â€“ What is being said on Twitter or Facebook about the company? Social media can show you a lot. Look for people making comments about the SEO & Internet Marketing Company you are considering.

3. Video – Is the SEO firm using Videos to enhance their brand? Strong SEO & Internet Marketing firms will have video testimonials showing you real results of their work.

4. Professionalism â€“ Is the company website professional? A strong SEO firm will not have a cheesy HTML website. A strong website lends a lot of credibility.

5. Realistic Results â€“ Don’t trust any company who says they guarantee Number 1, Page 1 results. Nobody can make those promises. The only people that control Google are Google. Look for companies that promise strong and realistic rankings, and don’t make guarantees they cannot deliver.

6. Avoid PPC â€“ Do not hire an SEO company that offers pay per click management services. That is Search Engine Marketing, not SEO.

7. Avoid Black Hat SEO â€“ Make sure that you are aware of the techniques being used to market your website. Link farming strategies can be bad for your website, causing the Search Engines to banish your website to the basement of the results pages. Look for companies that utilize strong keyword analysis, good tags, article marketing, and press release marketing techniques.

8. Keyword Analysis â€“ Look for a firm that provides a solid keyword analysis of your site. The firm should provide keyword search levels and relevancy based on your business.

Choosing a solid SEO firm to help your business grow online can be tough. Look for firms that you know you can trust. You can verify trust by finding strong testimonials and having a close look at their services.

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