The registration of products in e-commerce seems to be an easy task, but is often not put into practice in the correct way, which ends up harming the online sale. That is, your visitors will only become customers if they are completely sure about the cost-benefit of your product and this will only be possible through a good registration.

Currently, e-commerce continues to grow, in the first quarter of 2021 alone, there were about 78.5 million purchases made, according to data from E-commerce Brazil. Therefore, it is important to note that a well-made product registration increases the relevance of products and significantly improves sales.

For each product, for example, it is necessary to put a flashy title and a good description, as well as a well-produced and high quality image. These elements will optimize your e-commerce in search engines.

In this article, we will show you four valuable tips to register your products in the online store and get results in the first month of sale.

How to register products in an online store
First, before you really understand how to register products in the online store, a very important tip: create a pattern for all your descriptions, right? In other words, describe your products by following some predefined patterns. This will show the professionalism of your store to potential customers.

In addition, it is important to analyze the registration of products periodically in order to keep people updated. Has anything changed? Has a product sold out? Then update this in the register to avoid questions and problems.

  1. Work good descriptions
    First, keep in mind that the seller in your online store, is the description. It is the key element, the glue that joins all other actions. The product description should be assertive, direct and clear. In other words, it needs to be so good, to the point where the visitor thinks it’s being attended to in your physical store.

Never enter only the supplier’s technical data sheet, because often this content is not written in the easiest way for the buyer’s understanding.

According to the E-commerce Quality Index (EQI), complete descriptions that satisfy customers are at least 900 characters long. It may seem like a high number, however this is the space you have to convince the consumer that that is the best product for him. You can enumerate the qualities, enter the advantages and differentials of each product.

  1. Be careful with the images
    In addition to the description, another important point for the registration of products, are the images. When a potential customer visits your online store, images are the first attraction factor. Therefore, always try to insert photos with the best quality, resolution and size.

Prioritize photos from different angles and distances, which show product details, as well as an additional image containing the measurements. This makes it possible for the visitor to be sure of what they are buying, and help avoid exchange or return orders. Putting well produced videos showing the products is also a great investment.

  1. Always use SKU to register your products
    Have you heard about SKU? Well, SKU is the acronym of Stock Keeping Unit, which in free translation stands for Stock Control Unit. In summary, it is a product identification code in stock. In other words, it’s like a barcode, the big difference is that it’s made up of acronyms.

It is noteworthy that when associated with an online store, SKU facilitates legal procedures, optimizing the internal management processes of your store.

Each company has its own SKU code system and in it, the following data (all in acronym format) are computed:

Company that markets the product
Product data itself
Material used in manufacturing
Physical characteristics of the product
Type of packaging used
To get a better idea, see the example of an SKU from a stationery product:


The acronym CT is the brand of cardboard, the S140 indicates the type of paper with weight, which in this case is the simple type with weight of 140 grams, the BR indicates the color of the paper, which is specifically white and, finally, the D531 is the batch number of the product.

That way, with your products identified, you can optimize inventory management, since in a line, you can have the necessary information about the quantity and type of products in stock. Working the flow of products, it is easy to find them in physical space. This will improve communication between warehouse and online store. All this, of course, in addition to facilitating the registration of products.

  1. Study consumer behaviour
    Finally, another fundamental tip for product registration is to know and study the digital behavior of your target audience.

Understanding the shopping journey of your target audience is the first step to creating assertive actions, improving your store engagement and working the buyback. In this sense, ask the following questions: “If I were to buy this, would I understand everything? Is that well explained? Very detailed?”

Also, always be informed about market trends and how your competitors are moving.

However, registering products should be a task performed by the shopkeeper himself or some trusted employee. In your store, you own the knowledge of your product and your business, so only you can accomplish this task efficiently. When registration is done with strategy and assertiveness, sales flow and you just need to worry about expanding your business.

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