Owning a car is no longer a luxury or a dream that the common man can’t fulfil. Cars have come a long way from being a luxury asset for the rich to an affordable mode of transport used by a huge population of middle class Indians for their daily commute to work. With increasing population, working individuals and traffic; the number of cars to be seen on the roads everyday has increased magnanimously. Under these circumstances it is important that every driver on the road is a pro when it comes to driving. Not only does this ensure safety, avoid road accidents, but also helps in avoiding unorganised traffic conditions.

It is important to learn driving for your own independence, safety (including safety of fellow passengers and drivers). And anyway, adding another skillset to you kitty doesn’t hurt after all! So, before you get on the roads and join a driving school, there are some important things that you need to know. Please read on to know more about the same.

Things to do before you start learning driving

  • Prepare yourself mentally and try to improve your concentration. Remember that driving requires a lot of focus and being unmindful even for a second can cost you your life.
  • Be patient. You need to be patient as learning to be a good driver isn’t a mean feat or an overnight job. Once you learn driving and take your car out on the roads, you must be attentive and patient throughout the drive.
  • Learn the basics and mechanisms about the car you are going to learn driving on. An understanding about the car in advance will make your job easier once you get on the floor.
  • You must have a knowledge about where the mechanical parts like brake, clutch, and accelerator are. It is also important to know about the lights, hand brake, and everything else that a driver would need. You must know their placement and functions.
  • You have to decide the car that you want to start learning. If you own a fully automatic car then there is no point learning to drive on a non-automatic car and vice versa.
  • Find out some good driving schools in your area. Though your family members or driver can teach you driving but it is always advisable to join a driving school as they teach you with great technical finesse and patience. This will help you excel as a great driver in the future.
  • You must have a basic knowledge about traffic signals (what do the stand for), roads and important driving rules.
  • Make sure you keep your class timings at a time when you stress free to concentrate on driving. Be careful and vigilant as a tiny mistake can cost heavy.
  • Enrol into a driving school which provide cars that have control on the both sides of the car. This helps make sure that there are no mishaps during the driving lessons.

Things to do while you learn driving

  • Listen intently to the driving instructor and make sure you implement his instructions while driving.
  • Be vigilant about the surroundings, vehicles around and traffic signals.
  • When you start your classes initially, make sure that you drive on a no man zone i.e. a less crowded road with no traffic and people.
  • Ensure that you have perfected the basics before venturing into roads and areas with people and traffic.
  • Time your driving when you finally start driving in the normal areas with normal traffic conditions. The trick is not too drive dangerously fast and neither too slow.
  • Prepare yourself for the driving test. This is what will get you your driving licence. Remember that the Indian law doesn’t permit anyone to drive on the roads without a valid driving licence.
  • You must carry all your car documents, registration copy and driving licence while driving.

information credit : bankbazzar

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